One Facebook post concerning the city of Odemis was enough to draw my attention so as to apply for the corresponding programme, which was proved to be very interesting.

The activities were really something new for me, as I hadn’t had the opportunity so far to get involved into activities concerning the instillation of active citizenship with the active participation of the local community.

During the programme, I exchanged views, ideas and cultural elements with youngsters of various countries. Our discussions about the problems that each country has to cope with had an immerse interest as far the planning and the implementation of the social campaign is concerned.

Last but not least, I would like to highlight that via my participation in the CO4CA “Communication for community action” programme, I came into contact with various ideas and ways of non-formal education, which I could implement in my future classes as a teacher, like the energizers and the daily evaluations for example.

In a few words, the organization of the whole project, the new people that came into my life, the hospitality in Turkey and the whole experience I gained made a great impression on me. I highly recommend to everybody that they take part in Erasmus+ programmes.

Efstratia Kallintzi